Monday, June 26, 2017

There's an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes

This week was pretty cool. It is super hard to work in the rain and mud but me and Hypote took to heart the principle of the lost sheep. We walked through water mid-way up our legs and through all sorts of mud to go see one person but she came to church which is super cool.

We had 7 investigators at church one was the little sister of Judith and another her friend. Now she is doing missionary work and is really getting involved in the church and seriously it is the best thing to see.

Elder Hypote got me this cool looking African shirt and it reminded me of religious clothing for other religions so on Tuesday when it poured all day long I took some fun photos with that thing.

I also worked super hard this week with Hypote and we found some great new investigators but something super sad happened to one of the most prepared investigators I had. He was sent back to his village by his boss because he decided to go to our church. It was so sad to say good bye we don’t know if we can bring him back to Cotonou because he is super far away and has nowhere to stay. He was just a week away from his baptism and the evil boss didn’t even pay his whole way home only half. He was left in the middle of nowhere he called us and we sent money through our phone to help him get home, but seriously it was such a sad day.

We have fun in our district we are eating a lot in the sector for some reason everyone we teach gives us food now and if you refuse anything is super rude.

Sorry not a whole lot was said this week the cyber is packed today and I have little time sorry.

Sunset in Africa

Our shoes after going out in the sector

Borrowing my companions shades

Helping Judith make pat

Doing the "Lionel" in the shirt Hypote gave me