Monday, June 5, 2017

Are there seasons in Benin?

To answer my question I will say yes, there are seasons in Benin but not like you know. There is hot and humid with rain and there is hot and humid without rain. Sometimes it rains every once in a while sometimes it rains every day. For some reason the month of June it rains like every day which would seem nice because it gets colder but there is only one road to get to my sector and it’s dirt and my whole sector turns from dry desert into a mud slide. But we continue on destroying our shoes with mud up to our ankles.

Also, now is the season of corn. For some reason a bunch of corn stands have popped up everywhere. You can’t walk a few feet without seeing someone selling corn which is funny. I don’t know how any one wins when everyone sells the same thing right next to each other.

Despite the rain and the corn God continues to help his people! Normally when it rains no one comes to church and this Sunday it rained (it rained every day) but 9 investigators came to church and some of them were people I’ve wanted to come for forever. Like the husband of this person. There is a wife who brings their four little kids to church every week. Sometimes when they don’t have money for taxis they all take the one hour walk in the rain to come. I know it so tough on that family because these little kids are all wet, crying and tired when they get to church. But her faith is so strong she not baptized only because she is not married legally to her husband. So we just wanted the husband to come to church so we could help them get married, and this week he came. It is great seeing progress and that’s why I’m here.

I say time and time again the hardest thing on this mission is the food and the week before this I was forcing myself to eat the tomato sauce and rice so that I didn’t starve, but my brain and body kept refusing to take it in. So, this week we took a huge trip to the super market and I went ham buying all sorts of food. Yes, it was super expensive, well actually it was super cheap compared to America but living on 114 US dollars a month and with US priced food it was super expensive. But now I’m eating good until the food runs out... and I’m dreading that day.

But it was a very good week. I slept well I ate well and the work went well so I’m super blessed.

Some of the food I cooked this week. NOT RED SAUCE WITH RICE!

Teaching myself the piano

Teaching someone around a pile of "stuff"we helped her sort through to find seeds.

A bunch of pictures of my district (Ellison, Ny, Mayani, Larson) at the church.