Monday, June 12, 2017

Leaving Congo

Transfers have happened and my good buddy Mayani is heading home. It has been a really good time with him. We got to finish our time together with a baptism of a super cool sister. I would use her name but on the blog it gets blocked out so it's kinda worthless. Anyway, she left a really bad relationship and many freindships in preperation to become a member, she is a super hard worker, and if she stays in the church everything in her life could change. She has already seen many changes.

I am staying in this village of Hevie for the transfer. After this transfer I will have done a fourth of my mission here. I will be working with the father of Ellison, Hypote, from the Ivory Coast. The apartment will be a family apartment with the Grandpa - Hypote, Dad - Ellison and the Son- Ny with just a random Elder Larson still there.

This week was packed with stuff. This last Monday we had an activity with President Morrin where we ate pizza and did skits.

Ellison got sick with some unknown sickness. Me and Mayani had to go on a huge adventure to get to the zone conference because our taxi didn't show up and it was pouring rain. It has been raining so much every road around is flooded, so to get to the cyber today we just had to walk right through the water.

I have been blessed to find some really prepared people to accept the gospel and I know a new family will soon be able to get married and join the church. Seeing the blessings of the gospel in other peoples lives is a super big testimony booster and somtimes I can see the change more than they can.

I did lots of other stuff this week, but the most important stuff has been said.

Getting soaked

The baptism

Eating at the ward mission leaders house