Monday, July 3, 2017


Sorry I have no connection or time this week to talk about everything but I can give you some highlights.

We got a new mission president. I will see him on Tuesday it’s a big change but has had no immediate effects on the daily suffering I go through. I’m kidding it’s not that bad.

I ate my first piece of bacon in 10 months, Ellison’s mom sent him some and he shared two pieces with me. I have pics I’ll send next week.

Me and my companion taught a lady who kept all the money she had in a book of Mormon we gave her daughter because she wants to get more, the Beniois are super superstitious.

Elder Hypote has super old back bones for some reason and it pains him to sit down and to lie down. I never have heard him complain and the doctor told him to rest a lot but we keep going out to the sector. I hope he will be blessed for this because I don’t want him to die.

Yeah, I have some fun pictures but I’ll send those when I can with a few mores stories.

Sorry it’s short but I’m so blessed I got at least this much sent.

[Pictures added later when connection improved]

Bacon for the first time in Africa
Banana anyone?
Survivor themed package
Hypote made me a burger!