Monday, June 19, 2017

A Change of Heart

This week was super cool. Last week I talked about leaving Congo, but really Mayani left on Tuesday. He will be missed, such a chill guy. This week I worked with Ellison and Ny till my companion came. I got to learn from them and they learned from me.

There are these weird insects with four wings and with a worm like body that come into the apartment by the dozens and fly around and drown in water and kill themselves by running into light bulbs and stuff.

Then my new companion came and we were super zealous together these first few days. We visited almost every member in our sector taught lessons like mad and fixed baptism dates like no other. It’s like we did one week’s worth of work in two days which was super fun.

I really thought I had more to say this week because it was so much stuff.

However I would just like to show that the sister we baptized last week strengthened my testimony so much of how this church can change people’s lives. She used to not smile a whole lot and she used to talk about having bad dreams and like a guilt that never left. Now she smiles all the time and says all her bad dreams have gone away.

She also could not speak French very well or read at all and we had to teach her every time with an interpreter. Now she speaks French and is starting to read and is growing her testimony as she reads the Book of Mormon each day. I’m so honored to have been an instrument in the hands of God to help and teach sister Judith. She is going through the big change of heart talked about in Alma 5:14. The lord knew she needed help and used me to help her. The gospel is true. And I love doing the Lord’s work.

Sorry not a lot of stories it seems when I get to Monday my head freezes a little especially when the week flew by.

A cool sunset
The day Mayani died
Weird bugs that come into our apartment
I made french toast
My new companion - Hypote