Monday, July 17, 2017


This week was a pretty normal week with Hypote which means we went to the hospital a lot which is not a huge deal. I really just want him to get healthy again.

On Wednesday Elder Ny cooked some food. I though I got my normal chicken, tomato sauce and rice and sat down to eat. I bit into the chicken and wow it was super good, like way better than normal. I ate the rest of the meal and went on with my day. That night I thanked Ny for the chicken, it was super good and he told me that that wasn’t chicken it was rabbit. It was the first time I’ve eaten rabbit, but it was great. Anyone who has had rabbit before knows it’s good stuff.

One day on our way to the hospital I saw a full out fistfight between two guys on motos. They both got off the motos and went at it. They were swinging, they fell on the ground choking each other. It was nuts but it didn’t really surprise me. I know these things happen every day. But I wonder why they were so mad.

We went to Weme again and are now super popular over in that weird place because we have not only walked all the way out there to see them once, but we came back the next week. Now the mama I’ve seen a ton of times at church now likes me and has learned my name which is great!

I guess this is the time I talk about gari. Gari is a staple food here in Benin its wiki page I could only find in French and it’s like a weird form of chipped flower type stuff made from manyoke. It’s kind of sour and people love this stuff here. You can find it anywhere, any time. It’s a snack they make it into everything. Me and Ellilson have grown to appreciate this food and have eaten it a lot with sugar milk and water in the mornings and are teased about being from Benin. On one of our trips back from the hospital the wheel came off our taxi so we waited as these guys fixed the tire and the sealant they used to help the tire stick to the metal part in the middle they used a gari paste. It was super funny to see how this food is so idolized in this country enough to use it when it probably shouldn’t be used. In America you use duct tape to fix everything, here its gari.

Other than that, I have meet some pretty amazing people here. If everything goes as planned, which it almost never does, but if it does we will have two baptisms this Saturday. A young man named El__ and a sister named La__ they both come to church all the time and El__ is just super cool a young guy who came up to us one day and asked to be baptized. He works hard to understand and prepare to be baptized the work is not easy here but sometimes these miracles can happen.

This morning we had an activity with president Goury we all, including him, played soccer. The first activity of my mission with more than one zone it was super fun. I didn’t play soccer, but I watched and I talked to my good buddy Dorsey who just got back from the US after his medical problems. It was so great to see that guy again.

Mosquito bite on the eye lid

My and Hypote eating in Weme

With my buddy

Soccer with President Goury

Dorsey is back!

T-Shirt logo

Monday, July 10, 2017

If you could hie to Weme

This week was exciting lots of stuff happened we had a meeting with our new president and his wife. He seems really cool his wife doesn’t speak French yet but she is learning like all of us had to.

I had a super cool reunion with my two MTC companions Segal and Linderman because they are the two drivers to the assistants, which is cool. I’m still nothing in the mission but that’s how I like it.

Apparently fourth of July happened, who knew?

I went to the hospital every day this week for my companions back, it really hurts him sometimes. It is kind of annoying to go back and forth from here to the hospital because we are so far away and the road construction here is so bad if it rains all the roads turn to lakes. As we were driving to the hospital one day we went through one of these lakes and the car got flooded like both the engine got flooded and the actual car, so we had to pay people to push us and stuff. And when Cococodji floods Hevie turns into a mud pool, so the only road to get to my sector is so muddy no cars or motos can pass without getting stuck. I walked through that mud mid way up my calf but still three of my investigators walked through that stuff to come to church, so that was really cool.

There is a place in Hevie called Weme and there are a few members out there and lots of investigators but when I worked with the old missionaries they never wanted to go there because it is so far away but I always wanted to go so we made a plan for Thursday. There are some investigators that have come to church for a while that are just waiting for missionaries to teach them and baptize them because they are already taught and prepared by the members. So rain or snow we had to go, and it was raining hard, but we took the hour and forty five minute walk to Weme in the pouring rain. But it was cool its super villagy out there and there are tons of corn fields.

I have been waiting for my day to see a dead guy because I knew it was coming. In this place it just happens, and this week was my week, There was a dead guy all cut up and bruised on the side of the street we passed in a car after our meeting with the new pres. He had just stolen something, got caught by the vigilantly justice, and was murdered and we saw the after math. That was my fourth of July.

Also here there is a weird thing that if a white person does anything it becomes funny, even if it’s a normal thing. Haha a white guy is walking, a white guy is eating corn, a white guy is in a car, a white guy is walking with us in the mud, a white guy is buying something. Everything I do people laugh like it is the funniest thing and mock me in their language. But it doesn’t bug me that much because they insult me in a language I cant understand.

Yeah, that was my week. It was a good week.

Walking in the rain

Muddy shoes

The flooded car
On the way to Weme

Making Pat

Reunion with Segal and Linderman!

Monday, July 3, 2017


Sorry I have no connection or time this week to talk about everything but I can give you some highlights.

We got a new mission president. I will see him on Tuesday it’s a big change but has had no immediate effects on the daily suffering I go through. I’m kidding it’s not that bad.

I ate my first piece of bacon in 10 months, Ellison’s mom sent him some and he shared two pieces with me. I have pics I’ll send next week.

Me and my companion taught a lady who kept all the money she had in a book of Mormon we gave her daughter because she wants to get more, the Beniois are super superstitious.

Elder Hypote has super old back bones for some reason and it pains him to sit down and to lie down. I never have heard him complain and the doctor told him to rest a lot but we keep going out to the sector. I hope he will be blessed for this because I don’t want him to die.

Yeah, I have some fun pictures but I’ll send those when I can with a few mores stories.

Sorry it’s short but I’m so blessed I got at least this much sent.

[Pictures added later when connection improved]

Bacon for the first time in Africa
Banana anyone?
Survivor themed package
Hypote made me a burger!