Monday, May 29, 2017

Well, not a lot happened

Before I start my letter home I would like to make a shout out to my brother and friend Elder Abbott. I know he reads the blog and he is a super cool dude. Our many hours in that small MTC classroom were some of the funniest moments in my mission. He was the best office Elder I’ve ever seen and I wish him the best of luck on his adventures in the Americas.

And in regards to my last email if anyone of you is worried about me don’t be, I’m alright! Day to day life here might seem really hard but you get used to it, I promise. I’m doing great!

However I know each and every week I see and hear the weirdest things and I know if I could just recognize them as weird they would be great interesting stories but honestly I’m beginning to not see things through the same eyes. Things that were weird have become normal which is going to make for a hard culture shock going back.

However I have a really weird story. All day everyday people insult us, jeer at us, say all sorts of stuff to us in their native language that we don’t understand. It so normal we just ignore and walk on. How could an insult we don’t understand affect us? But sometimes we work with members who speak the language to translate for those who don’t speak French and they sometimes find it hard working with us because they understand everything.

One of these days a super old lady, like super old, missing teeth and stuff old kept following us and saying stuff in Fon and the member with us kept laughing but we kept walking. He asked if we knew what she was saying and he explained she was following us because she wanted yovo babies or she wanted the white guy (me) to give her white babies that made me feel uncomfortable, but I’m trying to forget about all that.

Also, one other observation I have made. This mission is small, very small in Benin we only cover two cities but the sectors are so massive and there are so few missionaries not many people hear the gospel. Things are progressing little by little here and the mission is only on its second almost third mission president but I met this guy who loves our message but can’t come to church because he lives with his family in a village two hours up north and he just comes to Hêvié to work but he just has all these friends that he wants us to teach up in his village. He wants to have church meetings up there and have his whole family join. It’s sad because it will be many years before that can happen maybe it will be through this guy the church gets up there, who knows. I’m so happy to teach him though it shows how the gospel can change lives even if the person doesn’t get baptized the teachings and applications of the principles are what matter and I know God knows his heart, the little joys of this work.

Yeah other than that no big news that I can remember just waiting for something to change.

I didn't take any pics this week, but here are some old ones I haven't sent before

Me with Abbott in the MTC - my good friend

My district eating igname pilé

Zone activity

With Sister Morin - the meeting where she gave me my birthday tie (two months after my birthday)