Monday, May 8, 2017

Freezing hot

Well this week we had some big rain storms in Benin which means the temperature drops a little bit in the day. At night, it always drops a few degrees. Now I have seen how much I have adapted to the mission because two nights this week I got cold. Like not just comfortable, but cold like my feet were cold I turned off my fan and shivered a little. You know what temperature it was? 86 degrees, the lowest temperature I’ve seen on the mission and that felt cold to me. It just shows living in 90's and 100's all day every day never stopping sweating really changes the body.

In the middle of this week we had a security meeting because we had some problems in the mission so the church sent two Nigerian experts to talk to all the missionaries about safety. It was kind of funny, because they only could speak in there weird Nigerian English and they chose elder Ellison to translate. He did a good job but there were some phrases that were kind of hard to translate with our vocabulary, like for example "sisters, if rape is attempted, one preventive measure is to defecate in your pants" but yeah this mission really isn’t too big into helping us with security. In Benin the vigilantly justice against stealing is nice to keep things a little bit safer, and if we follow the rules it should be okay. This mission has a habit of when the smoke detectors are low on batteries and make that little noise, the missionaries tend to bash them to pieces instead of replacing the battery. So the whole mission got a talking to for that but I, myself have seen three smoke detectors destroyed by the hands of tired missionaries.

This week I had an amazing occasion to teach primary with Elder Mayani. The primary in Cococodji is super crazy, as in super interesting. Every student could recite all the articles of faith in order at the same time and also they knew many stories in the book of Mormon and the Bible from memory. It was amazing to see how robotic they could recite answers as if all they do is memorize things. They don’t sing primary hymns their favorite hymns are the Christmas ones in the big hymn book so that’s what we sang. But being in there brought me back to my days in primary, even though it was completely different, the church has the same organization everywhere.

This Sunday I watched as they gave a baby blessing to a toddler who was a little too big to be held but they did in any way and he was squirming all over the place as they tried to bless him and all the other children of the dads in the circle were at their feet crying. It was quite a fiasco, but super fun to watch.

I have weekly experiences with an investigator in progress name Ro__, the son of the parents I baptized. He is super smart and was really hesitant to accept our message but little by little I see the lord blessing his life as he starts to change his life to better follow Jesus Christ. It’s really we invite and as he follows, he changes, it’s hard for him to see the change but we see it and it makes all the difference.

Mama Mi___ fed us pat and had us wear bibs so we didn't get our white shirts dirty

African Sunset

Ants got in my skittles, so I had to wash them