Monday, May 1, 2017

Licensed to kill

Well transfers were this week, and nothing changed so I’m am now a licensed killer hired by my mission president to kill missionaries. My second target is Elder Mayani, the Congolese. However, it should be great. It’s kind of funny to see these missionaries that have done two years in this mission. They are so adapted they are completely insane but that’s okay.

In this mission, we use gas stoves to cook everything, it’s a pain because when the gas can runs out we do a ton of exercise to walk the empty can to a gas place and pick up a new can, it’s painful, tiring and is a four man job in Cococodji. Our gas stove has had a leak for a while and now the stove is broken so we have done all our cooking in our rice cooker, a little crockpot shaped Chinese invention made to cook rice, and rice only. But we have been very experimental and have cooked spaghetti, eggs, sauces, turkey, fish, and many more foods in a machine that is only made to cook rice. The mission forces you to get creative and suffer just a little bit.

This week we did the best we could to do some work for the lord. It wasn’t all easy because as I said before no one is in my sector unless it’s a Wednesday or a Saturday like one day we called every single one of our investigators like 30 people and not one person was at home so we just went out and tried to find anybody to see. We found some people and new investigators and we were blessed, but it was not easy.

We also had a stake conference so I got to go back to my old sector/ ward of Menontin and I saw my converts that I baptized being super strong members and they work hard with the missionaries to bring in more people. Just seeing that made me so happy. I haven’t touched a lot of people’s lives like I thought I would but I have helped people change their own lives for themselves and that’s even better. It was a good week. 

The Mi____at stake conference

A corn field in Benin, it made me think of Iowa

An old picture walking with Raveneau. (Taken by Ellison)

Chilling at the church with Mayani waiting for people that will never show up