Monday, April 3, 2017


Well this was a week full of craziness, but every week here is, so you could say it was a pretty normal week. When it gets really hot in my sleep I’ve been known to talk in French, or so people have been telling me. And this last week was a hot one so I did a lot of talking, I guess. It was really funny the things I said. Elder Ny has these phrases that he says all the time and we have all picked up on them and started saying them all the time, because we have a super tight district. Anyway I guess those phrases have entered into my sleep.

Every missionary has their “thing”, it’s hard to explain it, but from each companion you find what point of missionary work they like the best and what they are the best at doing. And for Mayani it is visiting members. Before I thought visiting the members was kind of a waste of time, if we don’t get contacts or have a reason for going, but my eyes have been opened. Mayani says it is his goal to see all the members in the ward that live in our sector, and I didn’t know how that would help but I followed him. But there is one thing, my sector is massive, incredibly massive, it would take years to visit all the parts but the first member on our list to visit was the bishop, and the bishop lives faraway. Super, super far away, but you know this mission there are no cars for missionaries so it was a whole day of walking, just to get to his house and back. I don’t know how many of miles but I know I was so wiped after going all the way out there. When we arrive at his house the bishop was so surprised to see missionaries because it has been two years since missionaries came to his house! Two years! And immediately this guy loved us because we made such an effort and I didn’t know this but we found out the bishop lost trust in missionaries because of the bad ones that have been in his ward for so long but for the first time in forever he came to our coordination meeting he is helping us with contacts he is coming to baptisms. We changed the bishop for the good and it was just because we paid him a visit, there is power in kindness people, lots of power.

This week was a happy week because we had a baptism that was long, long, awaited, The Mi____!!!! I’m so happy for them. The dad and the mom got baptized this Saturday sure the water has been cut in this whole city for a while and we had to fill up the baptismal font by getting water from the well filling up buckets putting them on our head and walking back to the ward building and filling up the font. It took many hours and we didn’t get to eat that day, but hey it was all worth it for the salvation of souls. Really I can’t say how happy I am.

Now we just have to teach their two sons, they are very smart and very firm in there beliefs and ask tons of really intelligent questions but it’s good. One day when they are converted they will be the strongest of members.

We did other things this week, I wish I could have seen conference but missionaries are not allowed to watch in this mission, we only got one session we could go to at the stake center but we had to pay our own transport to go. It was a little sad but its normal for this mission. And I’m also a little sick right now with a fever and headaches, but it’s not too bad so don’t worry about it.

The Mi___ get baptized

Eating a huge stack of pancakes