Monday, April 10, 2017

Everything is broken

I have little to no time this week to send things because at any moment a plumber could come to our apartment to fix everything that needs fixing, which is about everything in the apartment. There is just one toilet and one shower for the four or us. The shower has been broken for three weeks, the toilet for months. Just two days ago Ellison went to turn on the facet in the kitchen and tore the entire sink out the wall, water busted out the wall forever and flooded the kitchen until we could get the water shut off in the apartment. So, it’s important we get all that fixed.

I was sick for the first part of this week. And when you don’t work in Hevie on Wednesday nothing gets done. In in my sector, Hevie, you can get so much work done on Wednesday, I can’t believe it. Any way so yeah that was kind of my week not very productive sadly. It’s good I have two years so that I can work super hard another week to balance it out. But don’t worry I’m totally healthy now. I just got sick because I carried too much weight on my head, I was trying to go too African too fast and I got sick. I didn’t know it was possible to get sick form carrying stuff on your head but it’s a real deal, my neck still hurts a little it’s all good.

Also for an activity we went to Ouida again to touch the snakes so that’s why all the pictures.

Trying to jerry-rig something in the broken bathroom to get some type of filtered water

The shape is Benin

This is considered the door of no return for slaves

Monument celebrating Benin