Monday, March 27, 2017

The Benin Sock Monster

History repeats itself. So, as I said in the MTC using those laundry machines I lost a sock, for no reason, right. The mythical sock monster ate it, even when you look inside the washer and dryer three times each, poof its gone. Well the same thing happened here, but here it was no mystery. When you’re hand washing clothes you have to wash them three times each. So, you have two big tubs and you wash then fill the other tub with water and go back and forth like that. I hope you have a little image of what it is like, well when the old water is finished in one tub you dump it down the toilet to get rid of it. Well me not thinking I forgot to check in the tub before I dumped it and shwooop the sock is down the toilet into who knows where Benin sewers, if there even is a sewer system. And by the way, washing cloths by hands is not easy, ya'll better give some respect to all these Africans. Man they are literal washing machines, they do what takes me hours in minutes and it’s way cleaner.

Also, my new companion is here his name is Elder Mayani he is from Congo again as you could have guessed, but yet again I’m probably going to kill him because he only has two and a half months left on the mission so he is old, and very tired. Yet he is also super cool so we get to do work in the sector. He likes me a lot so he has adopted me and calls me his son.

We thought we were going to have the baptism for the couple Mi___ this week but it’s been pushed off yet another week because of scheduling issues but this week it looks good and I will finally get to baptize two people who are just like family to me. Really the gospel is a beautiful thing, sure missionaries are not perfect and the mission is hard but there is so much joy to be found and I really enjoy serving here.

My new companion Elder Mayani from DR Congo

Ellison and his "son" Elder Ny from Ivory Coast