Friday, September 23, 2016

Singing and the Rain

I can not believe how fast time flies at the MTC I thought the first weeks were flying by, but this week was incredibly fast. I have heard people in the past say "I feel like this happened just yesterday". Well, never have I felt that untill I've been here. If my whole mission goes this fast I will be so sad because my mission will be over tomorrow.

One amazing thing happened this week, I got a new assiginment! I was assigned to sing in the MTC choir for General Conference. We are supposed to sing on the Saturday afternoon session. Our choir is mixed and has about 300 singers even though 1600 people wanted to be in it. Because the spots in the choir are in such high demand the first practice was intense they said things like:

-bring your invitation letter to every practice, if you don't you get kicked out.
-you need to come to every practice on time, if you are late or miss any you get kicked out.
-if you don't try hard, if you talk or don't mark your music, you get kicked out.
-you need to memorize all 4 songs by next Thursday which means any free time you have has to be focused on choir

All this strictness makes sense because the Thursday before Conference there will be someone who will come hear the choir. If we don't amaze, we will be replaced by MoTab and our director Brother Eggett says that has happened in the past. But other then all that, choir is great! We sound super good. Most choirs get 4 months to prepare, but we have 8 days. Brother Eggett says we can do it because we are missionaries, so I'm so excited. I am a Bass II where I belong and I hope Haas and Knutson are proud of me.

Also, Il pleut! It rained a few times this week which was great because Freire Ritchie tells us stories about Africans and the rain. He says everything shuts down when it rains and he says that when you go do missionary work people think the missionaries are insane because the go out in the rain. When they go to their appointments the people are shocked that the appointment was not automatically cancelled because of the rain. Missionaries say "is it okay that we come in and teach?" and the bewildered Africans say "mais il pelut" which means "but its raining!" So we always tease that everything we are doing (in class) has to stop because it is raining, it's so fun.

I try to have a personal experience each day and 2 dyas ago we learned that when you pray in French you should use the subjunctive tense and it's a super complicated tense and I still don't understand it but I was asked to pray and practice using only subjunctive phrases. When I prayed I felt that my prayer was heard. I say 30-40 prayers out loud every day and I'm sure they are listened to, but that one specifically I could feel someone listening and it was super powerful to know that I can pray sincerely and receive answers in not one, but 2 languages which is so cool.

- I thought that last email was deleated so I typed it again but I'm so angry I wasted my whole hour on this so that's why the spelling is so bad ugh.

Me with a counselor in my branch, he is so nice to me.

Il Pleut!