Friday, September 9, 2016


I can't belive it. I got see, sing to, and be in the same room as Elder D. Todd Christofferson. On Tuesday night everyone expected a memeber of the 12 and I was excited for any one of them. When the rooom changed and we alll stood up and I saw the beaming smile of my favorite apostle walking into the room where I was sitting, I was so happy and so great! God knows me. My favorite thing he said was that we, the missionaries, are companions with the 12, that is so cool. It's great to know Christofferson has my back. That was by far the best thing this week.

It's really hard to describe the atmosphere here at the mtc. It is a super bizarre bubble where people who are here for just a few weeks are super old and when your new you know nothing yet and none of us are yet in the field. It's wierd

Some things about this place:
-the sisters in one bulding had to move out because of a bat infestation and we also saw bats flying round the room in a language seminar.
-the other speker this week was Chad Lewis, I guess he was a football player. I don't know, but I'm sure you've heard of him.
-It's really funny that everyone is called by where they are going. So everyone callls us "the africans" and the districts that are about to leave our zone are "the Frenchies". We sleep on the same dorm floor with a buch of spaniards "spanish speakers" and I don't know what kind of air they are breathing across the hall but they are always crazy. They never go to bed I swear they take shifts banging on the walls and screaming all hours of the night.
-My laundry sitiuation is weird. Each time I have done laundry I've lost somthing! I dont know how! I check in the machines, but things just disappear! The first week I lost a pair of underwear the second time I lost a sock. My companions say that's just how it works. The sock monster is real and it always gets what it wants, so that is so weird, but the rest of my clothes get clean.

In other news my two investigators are great! Ohspice and Alice are learning lots. Teaching in French is the hardest thing I have to do here, but it's great because I learn! love you!
-Elder Larson

Cafeteria grub

The sock monster took my laundry

Classroom (I spend most my day here)

Me with Abbott