Friday, September 16, 2016

I got fired

I am no longer the district leader, I got replaced Sunday. I must have gotten the hang of it because that's when they say they replace you.

I got to see Elder Brady Koogler a few times this week and talk to him. It's great to see the Iowa City first ward boys going to spread the gosple.

The most amazing thing has happened. I got to see 3 apostles in 7 days Christofferson, Ballard, and Cook all came back to back for devotionals. It is an increasingly better experience every time. I think I'm really growing up here; little by little I feel like my faith and spirit are growing and I love it.

Half of our branch left on Monday, they were all replaced on Wednesday with like 24 new elders and sisters. We have the new zone leaders in my district, (Elders Ellison and Peterson). We are now some of the oldest in the branch and it's great to be on top of the heap.

My lessons are going good. When all you do is study French, the gosple and teach, you get better at teaching. One lesson this week Alice said she didn't want to be baptized anymore. We were able to figure out why and tried to help her out on the fly and I think we did well. And this last lesson with Ohspice was the best I've taught so far.

One funny thing here is Elder Dorsy in the other district likes to free style rap at nights. I'm the only one who puts my self out there to beat box. I'm not great, but because no one else shows me up, I'm praised as the best beat boxer in the zone by default, it's great!

Only 2-ish more weeks before Africa, I can't believe it, super scared but super excited!

Elder Abbott and Elder Vincent showing us the booty

Me with Elder Koogler, Iowa City First Ward taking on the world

Me holding the same book with the first missionary

My companions on P-day 
(Note from Kaelyn - Preparation Day is my favorite day, it is when Riley gets to write to me!)

We call this the brain download
(Note from Kaelyn - I have no idea what this means)