Friday, September 2, 2016


September 2, 2016

Thank you so much for the dear elders. I can read those every day I would prefer those so I can get daily updates and pre-write my email responses so send more please.

To answer some questions:
-Choir is good it's so big! I got assigned as a tenor the first day because that was the only seat left. There are 1,600 people in it.
-I eat in the cafeteria and the food is okay people complain but it's fine. I try to eat everything because I know its better than the fish I'll have eat later.
-I have tons of contact with my district. I'm with them the majority of each day and we are really close they seem to like me as a district leader and we laugh and bond a lot. They are great. Especially Elder Vincent who is so funny, and Elder Peterson who is one of the nicest, kind genuine person I have ever met.
-I am really sad that the babies were looking for me I'm so glad Davis is singing Rocky Top!
I still don't think things have set in yet.

Just some fun things that go on here are Elder Jensen sings rock songs in the shower every day and every one jams out and sings along it's really fun. I, along with my district, keep messing up on the one rule which is "avoid using slang and inappropriate casual language". We all say dude and man all the time when we were told to use "elder" but it's hard to stop because we are all good friends already.

My companions and I are super close and have running jokes Elder Linderman has only gotten 2 letters here and they were both from his ex-girlfrind's mom and he hates that she is the only one so it's funny. He also chews up his pens and only has a few more and he brought 5 ties and they are all blue so he's funny.

Elder Segal is super smart and nice and gets massive letters from all the ladies and has an opinion on everything including which style of garden is best french or english, I didn't even know there was more than one type of flower garden but he prefers french, so he's high class.

By the way someone is sending my massive food packages, I dont know who it is but I've gotten two huge ones full of snack foods and drinks and one had Dr. Pepper in it and I rose to the top of the ranks on our floor because I had caffeine and that is in high demand here so it's similar to prison in that way. But thank you who ever that is!

I had some amazing experences teaching this week. We finshed teaching our first 'investigator' Alice, in 5 lessons we got her to commit to a baptism date on the 19th of September but the 4th lesson I bore my testimony to her in french because I felt like my experience in gaining a testimony could help her and how I'm still trying to receive answers from God and through me the holy spirt gave her chills. A member faking to be an investigator was able to feel the spirt and tear up because the spirit worked through me it was really great.

There are also these excellent MTC only talks we can watch by Elder Bednar called "The Charcter of Christ" it's so amazing. We get to watch it on Sundays.

I've been here a week which means there are new guys now so now I'm a sophomore and know everything about this place, which is great. I'm sure there is stuff I missed but things are good, sorry for the spelling. I miss home but am not home sick I'm just thinking of the members of my district and my investigators more than me.

Send dear elders!
-Elder Larson

We are all going to Benin along with 5 elders in another district. We are all super close, the 11 of us spend almost all day in this tiny classroom. Frere Ritchie is super fun, we joke around so much there is not one day that goes by without some belly laughs.

Me at the Temple

​A drawing I made of the plan of happiness, the plan is in the shape of a smiling face