Monday, July 24, 2017

I will take my transfer TO GO please

Well last thing is first, because this last Saturday were transfers and I’m leaving Cococodji and leaving Benin and I’m heading to Togo to see another country and help more people. I’m going to kill yet another missionary, another Congolese who is on his last six weeks. I hope I will learn a lot from his old missionary wisdom.

This week was actually pretty fun I have pictures below of operation water balloon where I filled up a bunch of water balloons I got in a package from Kenzi and gave them to random kids below our apartment. Ellison stood on the roof and documented this interesting psychological test on what little Benin kids would do with plastic balloons filled with water. (If you can’t tell from the pictures they didn’t fight with them, they all just held them and stared at them in wonder.)

I also had two baptisms this week and I saw something amazing happen with one of my candidates. So my last baptism with Mayani was the sister Ju__ who was super cool and so we started teaching her little sister to see if she wanted to progress like her big sister. It turns out she saw the effect going to our church had on her sister and how it helped her sister be happy so she accepted a baptism date.

As we continued to teach her we found that she had a really hard time paying attention. She wouldn’t answer questions and it was like she didn’t take seriously what we were trying to do, but rain or shine she was at church every week and was always ready to be taught so we kept teaching her. The 20th came up three days before her date and we had finished everything so we were going to the mandatory pre-interview and we were sure we were going to have to push back her baptism because she didn’t understand. But as we started talking to her and asking her questions it was as if she had completely changed. It was as if every lesson she had kept everything we taught when just the day before she couldn’t remember anything. She shared her need to change and be baptized we were so sure she was ready we sent her to her interview she passed and was baptized. It just shows that really the missionaries don’t prepare people but it is the Lord that prepares people.

Also, the other young guy his parents refused his baptism that same day and then a miracle happened. Someone called his dad and he accepted and was able to get baptized anyway. There was a point in the week I thought I wouldn’t be able to baptize anyone, but they both came around in the end.

I also ate more rabbit this week that was fun. I don’t really know what else I did this week. I bought a piano and took some fun pics I hope you enjoy and I’ve done 11 months of this madness only 13 left to go.

I had a friend in Hevie make me hats and ties out of cool fabric

Me and Ellison

My district in African clothes

Operation Water Balloon

I bought a keyboard

My last baptism in Hevie