Monday, March 20, 2017

Healing the sick and Raveneau is dead

Okay, so this week went by really fast. It was a week of traveling around and saying goodbye to everyone. Not much news to talk about because it was Raveneau’s big week. Last week in this mission. One day I’ll be in his place, but it will be nice not having to think about going home because I have a new companion. I am still in Hevie and my new companion is coming from Togo his name is Elder Myani or something like that. He is Congolese, so back to what I know best, working with Congolese. He was the trainer of Elder Kerr, one of the guys who came to the MTC with me. I hear a lot of rumors about him, as you always do here, but they are never true so I’m just waiting to see him. Elder Tshileu was also transferred to the other side of Benin and Elder Ellison will be training in our apartment, so we have some fresh meat coming to Cococodji which is great. He is from the Ivory Coast.

So, good news, lots of baptisms coming up which is great. The fruits of my and Raveneaus’ work will be shown in this upcoming week, I hope. It has been a good week, not many big things. The transfer was kind of crazy, almost everyone form my generation is coming to Benin and we have quite a few of us as zone leaders or co-zone leaders so that is super cool. A funny thing you guys might find interesting is that there is a saying the people use here in French which translates too "it’s been three days" they usually say that when they haven’t seen that person in a really long time, but its super funny. Raveneau went to see people he hadn’t see in more than a year but they are all like what?! Raveneau?!?! “it’s been three days!” It’s funny because everyone says it.

Oh yes I forgot about the sick. Yeah well the medical system here and sanitation is just not good as you could probably guess, not just because its Africa, because some places are good. But yeah, people get sick a lot and no one goes to the hospital it’s ether too expensive or they don’t trust it. I’ve seen many of my investigators and people sick this week. Lots of malaria, small pox, fevers, seizures, and more. It’s bad to see these people sick but its better they come to us for blessings then the witch doctors. But yes, that has been happening, eye opening experiences happen every day, I can’t even explain it.

Another Benin fact, stealing is about the worst thing you can do. No one here likes stealing, like the way they talk about people who steal makes you fear for your life, young and old it’s like thieves or robbers are the devils angels. How did I find this out? While we were out visiting some of the converts of Raveneau we hear some yelling in the streets and lots of mottos going crazy the guy we were visiting then explained to us that two guys just stole a motorcycle. Then the people in the streets scream “voler” (steal in French) or “ole, ole, ole” (in Fon) and all the taxi men and everyone around goes on a chase to go get them. We hear about thirty minutes later that they caught them. And because the police were not involved the guy we were with explained what happened to the two guys who stole. They were beat with fists and rocks then decapitated and their dead bodies burnt. He said it is normal, if they don’t get away they are dead. I’m very glad I didn’t have to see that, but just that it happened so close to me, yikes. However, don’t worry for me I’m completely safe here, even more safe for things like that because of this anarchy program. Stealing is very rare here so if I don’t steal, I’m very safe.

Okay that was my week lots of good news coming up I can feel it and I killed Raveneau. He gets to go home, I’m really happy for him.

Raveneau is dead
[note from Kaelyn - it is just an expression in the mission when you are companions with someone and they go home "you killed them". Riley assured me this was just for fun - he would never hurt Raveneau.]

Raveneau playing with chicks

Good times with the district: Larson, Raveneau, Ellison and Tshileu

A picture I really like (Raveneau, Tshileu, Me)

Eating with the assistants

Pictures with Raveneau

Raveneau cooking crepes before he leaves

Bye,  Raveneau

Ward mission leader's daughter
Eating with the ward mission leader