Monday, December 12, 2016

Satan was angry that day, my friends

Hello everyone, it has been a busy, busy week. I couldn't begin to write everything I did this week. It seems like it has been at least three, but we were so busy it went by super fast. For the first half of the week it was still just me and Mukdendi at the apartment because Elder Warr and Elder Olela were at the hospital again. Elder Warr was super, super sick he got like every virus imaginable at the same time. So having two sectors means you try to put everyone in one sector on the same day, however that leads to a lot of people saying yeah I could make that time, but they never show up. On Wednesday we went out into the sector without eating lunch, which is super dangerous for your health, but we had to because there were people who needed to be taught and we just did not have time to prepare. It takes about an hour and half to cook lunch here, super labor intensive. And this is where I would like to thank my Mom. These past few weeks have been huge for helping me realize how much my mom has done for me for the past 18 years of my life. Because Olela and Warr are sick and Mukendi has the zone to worry about I am really the "mama" of the apartment. I cook every meal, I clean every dish, I do their laundry, I clean the apartment. I walk into the kitichen and think why didn't they at least just clean their own plate it's so simple and then I thought back to every time I didn't clear my plate or just put it in the sink like they did. Holy cow, my mom has done so much for me, every meal she has cooked I now realize how horrible it is to cook like that and why her favorite food is "anything she dosent have to cook." She never once got mad and I don't remember her complaining she just did so much for me and I'm so so so so so grateful and so sad I never truly understood all she did for me. She really is like a super hero, and her example is what now helps me to serve others here better thinking doing this for 2 years is nothing like 18, and I don't have to change diapers, maybe when I'm a parent I'll write another thank you note having really experienced that.

Mukendi is sure he is going to be transferred, and I feel in the air a big change coming to my sector. They are trying to split up all the 4 person apartments and I think they are planing on shifting missionaries and might close my sector. This is all speculation and nothing is fact, it is just my thoughts and because I get no information form the president I can say this because really I know nothing. However, as I was saying Mukendi is preparing to be transferred, and there was one investigator he said he needs to be here for her baptism so we went on teaching her everying and tried to get her baptized this weekend because, one, she is super solid and has an amazing testimony, asks great questions, is super nice, she is just great. And second, she is a nurse at a hospital and has weird hours and it is hard to find a perfect weekend where she can make it to both the baptism Saturday and the first hour of chuch that Sunday for the confirmation and this weekend was one that was perfect so we pushed to do all her teachings this week for her baptism Saturday. That date we also had fixed a brother who is an investigator of Elder Warr's but me and Mukendi have done most the teaching because we have taken over their sector. And, wow, is this guy solid, we would give him a brochure over a lesson by the next time he new it so well he would teach us the lesson, bear testimony it was true and we would be like, yeah that's correct. It is so sad he is moving next month to go to France, however, he already knows what ward he is going to be in there and he is going to get married in the Paris temple in a year, so cool. If that guy becomes a 70 or something I would not be surprised, these two people have bright futures and I'm so glad we were able to find them and teach them and help them walk through the door of baptism. However, Satan must have known that these two were like that and he was angry this week, especially the day of the baptism. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. It was super hard to get the baptismal interviews for them done because the person who was supposed to come was always late. There was bad planning. The bishop was angry. We are all ready for the baptisum and the font doors are locked and then we realize there are no baptism clothes and we send some people to go find some at the closest branch, 45mins away by car. And they come back and they didn't know who was getting baptized so they grabbed clothes that were too small so we had to improvise and find some random white pants and we used the bishops white shirt to baptize one of them. I can't begin to explain how crazy of a baptism it was. It got started three and a half hours after we had scheduled it. It was a great service, most members present at a baptism so far. Mukendi baptized the two and the office elder's had one baptismal candidate. It was Satan's last stand, but the heavens won again.

My little friend again. His mom says when he gets older he will come to America to live with me.

A butterfly that just landed on my hand to chill

Our amazingly, crazy baptism

Amazing food I didn't have to fix! Shawarma and youki

Me drinking water out of a bag. Those things are life savers.