Monday, December 26, 2016

One Christmas Left

Well Christmas happened and one present we got was transfers, my first real transfer because things actually changed this time. I already can see why every missionary hates transfers. You get used to a system, even if that system is difficult, and right as things are just about as great as they can be they change it. But it’s the mission, I guess. My dad (Mukendi) is going to a village in north Togo called Kpalime. We joke that he is basically been called as bishop there because the branch there was just opened up 4 months ago so every one there is a recent convert. He will have lots of work to do. I will stay here in Zogbo/Menontin because Olela is going to Avotro, so the 2 sectors will stay with me and my new companion will be the zone leader again, he is coming from Togo. He arrived on a mission with Elder Mukendi and his name is Elder Kohla. I don’t know how its spelled but I will see. He is Congolese too.

You already saw what we did for our Christmas celebration with that service project in Grand Popo, that was cool to see the entire mission of Benin together. However this week was really weird because Olela was still recovering from his surgery and president wanted me and Mukendi to keep working. He did that mini transfer where Ranivo and the mini missionary were here, and because neither of them knew the sector I went out with the mini missionary a lot. He is cool his name is brother Damian and he is from Benin preparing for his real mission. He had a lot of questions and was so surprised I was willing to answer him because lots of missionaries here don’t like mini missionaries so he was super happy to work with me.

I wish I had some fun stories or a good joke this week because I know that’s what makes these letters interesting but I can’t really think of any. It’s really quite a sad day, because Mukendi just left, he got in the mission bus said good bye and like that he was gone. It’s really quite a lot for me to handle actually, I’m not gunna lie. They say the mission doesn’t start till your trainer leaves and so I guess the mission has really started these first 4 months were a joke. However through all this I know God knows my situation and will help me. I’m very young in life and in the mission but I’m continually growing up fast, There is hardly any time I spend in the comfort zone any more.

Life continues.

Merry Christmas to everyone I hope you have a great new year!

Me with the mini-missionary
My awesome scripture cases
Our Christmas decorations (our stockings)
Mukendi with our stockings
Good bye, Mukendi
My dad (trainer) and friend.