Monday, December 5, 2016

It's not beginning to look like Christmas

I can't belive it is December 5, that means two months in Benin, which I totally can believe, it feels  like two months. But there is like no Christmas spirit here, no count downs, no cold, no Christmas trees, just normal Benin but with more expensive food. It kind of sad but almost good, to not have to think about all the happiness I'm missing at home. Because Christmas music is like a super contagious virus that  brings the horrible flu of home sickness. That's why I always skip singing those hymns in chuch, it just hurts. However this week has had some amazing things, but it has also been mixed with a bunch of weird things again.

The great things this week are I bought and ate my first Benin pizza, sure it was a ton of money. It was like the same amount as a weeks worth of food, and it wasnt quite like American pizza, it was still pizza and it was nice for a change. I have realized that if I don't have to cook it I can eat it. I was even tempted to eat street fish the other day so I wouldn't have to prepare food. ME, Elder Larson, fish, that is so not me, but like if someone else prepares it, I can eat it for some reason. However I'm not so desperate yet, because I didn't eat that street fish. My whole life I couldn't eat onions they made me gag, it was just horrible but the other day one of our amis bought me spaghetti with a ton of onions in it big ol chunks of onion and I ate every one happily.

Another great thing is I got a new fan!!!! Finally! My first fan was so old and it broke like 4 weeks ago and I have been using the super small one held together by dust and old age, and it barely worked, and because it is like an oven everyday here and every night that fan is essential. Any Benin missionary can tell you, that's why when the power goes out everyone hates it so much, not because of the lights or cooking food, but because of our fans. A missionaries best freind is his fan. And I got one that really works, it is so great!

Our teaching schedule was pretty weird this week because when your with the zone leader there is a lot of things you have to do that is not going out and teaching. Like giving money, geting keys for things, opening things, talking to people, setting up meetings, going to meetings. It is kind of sad because the sector is where the time passes the fastest. On top of it all Elder Olela finally had his surgery for his hernia and he and Elder Warr were at the hospital for a few days this week, so it was just me and Mukendi at the appartment for a few days. Then Elder Warr comes back with a million mosquito bites from sleeping at the hospital. And within a day he has malaria, throwing up all night and with a horrible fever, and Olela is sick with somthing else too. They both had physical surgeries now they have just illnesses in general. I'm so thankful me and Mukendi are healthy and it means that we do a lot of service for these two, who are quite crippled.
However in the midst of all this crazy we have another date fixed for a baptism with a mama who is so ready, she is so cool. She is a nurse at the hospital and was honestly searching for the right church she has been to so many and was super touched by our message. She has been coming to church, and will be a super solid member one day. And she is the reason I can get Mukendi to go out into the sector when he is super tired. She calls us when we are just a few minuets late to make sure were coming, and asks really good questions. She is scheduled to be baptized on the tenth with Prince and another super solid investigator of Elder Warr's.

I know there is so much that happened this week but my brain is really getting fried here, my memory is failing me and I am having trouble speaking both english and french now. I'm sorry this letter is so short, I guess not a whole lot happend that I can remember.

First Pizza in Benin

My new fan!

Elder Warr's convert that I helped with because Warr had surgery on his foot