Monday, February 6, 2017

Lessons Don't Matter

I don’t have lots of time to write today because things are crazy busy. I have been transferred! I’m going to Cococodji (still in Benin) to work with Elder Raveneau, a Frenchman. But I’m not just going to work with him I’m going to kill him. In the mission if you are the companion with someone for their last transfer, you kill them. This is his last transfer of the mission wow!!!! I have heard a lot about Cococodji but I won't write the rumors I’ll tell you about it when I get there.

However, I guess the 12 apostles have changed mission rules or something because when we tried to send our weekly key indicators in this week and last week they only accept five, baptism, conversation, investigators at church, investigators with a baptism date fixed, and new investigators. Which means they cut out lessons as a key indicator!!!!! Which means that teaching a lesson to someone who won’t progress means absolutely nothing which made me and Kola go ham! Before when we heard about some investigator that could progress and they are miles and miles away we wouldn’t go, but now we would spend half the day heading crazy far away for that one lost sheep that needs the gospel. I think this new change is great and it will help me focus a lot.

I did a lot of stuff this week and I’m going to miss Kola a ton, but I have to pack up all my stuff to go to Cococodji. I don’t know when they could call me, they could get me at anytime. However, I did get to have my last baptism here in Menotin. I baptized the daughter of Mama Na___ my other convert. It was a great service because we did it right after church and the whole ward was there. I have seen tons of progression in this ward since I got here. The ward was in kind of shambles for a long time but this last Sunday, sure there were still tons of mistakes, but the ward leaders are really trying. I don’t think it was thanks to me that it changed but just people trying to follow Christ better and magnify their callings. It’s great to see. I have really learned a lot. Sorry not a ton of stuff said but I’m doing fantastic.

No pictures this week. The connection is too slow and I have to go. Time to move to Cococodji.

[Pictures added 2/20/17 when he finally had a good connection]
My last baptism in Menotin.

I am really going to miss Kola.

We had a zone activity and there was a random non-working plane on the beach. It reminded me of "Lost". I took a lot of pictures there.

This bulldozer came down the street at 7 am destroying porches. The people cried and screamed at it. Normal Benin.
My friend Benjamin from Menotin, I will miss him too.
Dorsey in the most "first world" store I have seen here.