Monday, February 13, 2017

In the village...

I’m trying to send the pictures from last week but its taking so long maybe it’s because there are so many to send. The connection here is great sometimes, but other times it stinks. I’ll see how it will work out. And wow it’s so weird I have a new sector, a new companion, a new bed, a new life. It’s always hard to change when you have such a good system in one place. Each sector has its challenges and its good points so I’ll get along.

My sector is called Hevie it is like 25 minuets from the apartment and its quite villagy. I live in Cococoji with four people in the apartment. Elder Ellison who was in my MTC district who is so cool. Elder Tshileu a Congolese who doesn’t speak Lingala he speaks Swahili. He is super funny and all he wants to do is learn English. But about all the English he knows is anything to do with pooping like "I want to poop" "the poop was good". Sadly I was the one who taught him the verb “to poop" (he asked me and my companion), but he is great. In the past I used to eat with my companions in the apartment, but here people don’t have enough money or whatever so we all cook and eat our own food so I have been eating hot dogs, fries and a top ramen like thing for the last week. It’s actually nice to change up rice, chicken and tomato sauce all the time so I’m good. It’s hot hot hot out here in the village. Hot like wow I thought I was sweating all the time before and it is true I did. But I sweat even more than all the time now it’s ridiculous.

But the ward here is freaking amazing. It’s huge with an amazing bishopric and auxiliary presidencies that do stuff. Missionary work is a million times easer when the leaders of the ward don’t hate you!!! The bishop came with us to teach a lesson in the sector on Sunday and was so happy, that guy is fantastic!!! He really does a great job being a bishop.

Okay just found out the connection is no good today so I’m gunna send what I had written so you have something. Sorry it’s not a lot but to sum it up, I’m in a village with a Frenchman who is about to die.

[Pictures added 2/20/17 when he finally had a good connection]

Me and Raveneau

What I eat when I'm livin' large

Outside of my new apartment in Cococodji
Cococodji apartment
Cococodji bathroom - the bane of my existence - all 4 of us use the same bathroom
Cococodji kitchen
Cococodji bedroom