Monday, January 9, 2017

LARSON-KOLA: Open Happiness

Well this week was nuts, I don’t have a ton of time to write today which stinks because I did so much this week. They say your mission doesn’t start until after your training and wow that feels about right. Me and Kola went to work this week, hard. Kola is a great teacher he studied educational methods before he came here and also does some mad personal study and has basically all the standard works memorized. He is strong, it’s crazy. We fixed 7 baptism dates this week and 2 of them were in the first lesson we taught with them. Kola knows how to invite people to baptism. It is like magic. I don’t know how he does it, but I’m going to learn. The guy knows how to work by the spirit too, he just looked at the numbers we had from the new sector we inherited and picked one that he felt good about. We taught him at the church and fixed a baptism date. We saw him again that week and he came to church. Kola, wow. We taught lessons like mad 27 lessons in one week! That’s my record and found 11 new investigators. We were out in the sector all day every day coming back late a few nights because Kola is not afraid to walk super far for our last meetings. So we walked a ton this week which is good. I like walking for the investigators that progress. I took what little time I had to relax to enjoy Benin knock off products. If you find the American brand name it still is never quite the same so I always go the cheaper knock off so when it tastes a little weird it’s justified. I took some picture I hope you enjoy!

Also with Kola I eat good; he cooks a lot. I’m trying to step in and help out but he just goes and cooks. We have had some really amazing peanut sauce this week that has been my favorite thing to eat here and also just great spaghetti. We made a kind of like pancake crepe thing, ahh so good. The food situation is great now, and I can still eat that tomato sauce and chicken too. It is still appealing to me, I have no idea how, but I like it still.

Oh btw I found a scale this week just to weigh myself. I found out that I’m 62kilos which meant nothing. I figured out I weigh 136lbs which means I have lost 7lbs already on my mission, wow, what a diet and exercise plan they have put together for this mission. Also there are lots of miracles that happen when you work well with your companion and do the missionary work to the best of your ability. I have been searching for one of the old investigators of Elder Olela. He was super interested in the church all he wanted was to be baptized he came to church every week and knew our church is true. However, when Olela and Warr got sick after 3 weeks of not having the lessons or anything he stopped coming. It was such a shame but I didn’t have his number or any way to find him, he was just lost, such a pity. However, I went on spits with Dorsey to help out in Jericho and out of the blue he is like hey there is an investigator of yours who works in Jericho, I said oh really who is it? and he is like idk but he says he was taught by Elder Warr and Olela. I didn’t even think of this guy. However, we go to see him and look who it is but it’s Er___! I was so happy, I couldn’t get his number because he doesn’t have one but he says he is going to come back to church and we can always call the Jericho elders to keep in touch, Its super cool! Miracles of God for Elders who work hard.

And I worked hard this week. When you send in your mission papers you ask if your physically able to handle walking a ton of miles every week, and I’m like sure yeah I can do that. I never thought that would be reached but sure enough I walked to and from the stake center every day this week which is 45mins away that’s 1hour and 30 mins of walking and that’s just for usually one or two lessons then were back to walking. It’s great I’m not tired I’m being helped, I can feel it.

Also, they passed a new law in Benin where you can’t like have porches that go out on the side walk. I didn’t even know there were sidewalks here because everyone’s cement porch goes right up to the road. So, every person has to destroy their porch with pickaxes and shovels and chisels. So, Benin is getting destroyed from the inside. Everyone is breaking up their porches, it’s nuts and Kola loves service so we’ve been getting dirty with our white shirts and joining in on the fun of destroying Benin one porch at a time.

Delicious peanut sauce
My best self given haircut so far
Off Brand Twix and KitKat
Look closely - Ray Dan; Off brand sun glasses